A gallery of knots

I am very interested in representations of knots and links.

Here is a video I made to demonstrate what the flow given by the algorithm described in this paper looks like.

Bridge presentations of 11-crossing knots

I have created pictures of minimal bridge representations of all prime knots with 11 crossings. A list of Dowker-Thistlethwaite codes as well as a proof that the knots with 4-bridge presentations are 4-bridge knots is posted on arXiv.

The 11-crossing knots are available in a .tar file for convenience: pictures all_k11_pdfs.tar (6.1 MB) or source all_k11_tex.tar (1.4 MB). Alternately, you can view their tar sentences and download their pictures individually from the pages below.

11a1-11a50 11a51-11a100 11a101-11a150 11a151-11a200 11a201-11a250 11a251-11a300
11a301-11a367 11n1-11n50 11n51-11n100 11n101-11n150 11n151-11n185
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